Kishan Hub App Using Flutter & Firebase

What is Kishan Hub?

ishan hub App is for whose people those are farmer and they want to sell their crop/product to direct buyer/merchant or customer . Furthermore, any people can buy their crop/product which is uploaded in our app. Farmer can see the market price of crop city wise and get daily update of market price so that they don’t have to sell their product at low cost and they can get maximum price of their crop. In addition to, the farmer can information about how many products are live in this app and how many personal product live in this app. Once it sold it they can remove or edit also through Our main reason of selecting this domain in our project is, we know new farm laws installed in our country so that through our application farmer can sell their crop/product to direct customer and get more benefits. And also, this application was developed in flutter technology so the android and IOS both users can utilize it and get supportive to farmer

Why choose this project?

Nowadays the people are buying crop/vegetable with very high of brokerage so that those people are coming from medium and lower class they didn’t afford good vegetable and crop/product . Only one solution for decrease for prices of crop/vegetable is decrease the brokerage rate or eliminate it. For that the farmer must be in contact of direct the people rather than broker.

If farmer want to sell their crop/product to customer or directly to the people ,they have to come up with physically contact to people so that is being too complex and become more expensive. Therefore farmer are going to avoid it doing and they contact to broker or wholesaler and convincing to buy their crop/product. After buying from farmer ,The wholesaler or broker are increasing the price of that crop/product and then put in the sell and forces people to buy their crop/product. Therefore in this type of cases farmer can’t get proper price for their crop/product and the people can’t buy crop/product at reasonable price. So that we can’t maintained equality in our country. So that Merchant becoming more prosperous and farmer are becoming more deficient.

Above the reason we have thinking about it and thinking to make one application for Agriculture.

About Our Application

In our application the farmer have to add their crop/product detail like photos of crop, description, price ,contact etc.. and all the people can see their product on Home page . and then those who want to buy their crop whose can contact to the farmer through our application. And also farmer can see market price of crop city wise so that they aware about which prices suitable for their product/crop and become more profitable. Once that product are selling then farmer can delete product through our application . and also farmer can know how many live product in our application so they can maintain easily via this app.

Flow Chart of the App

Flowchart of our Application

Demo of our application:


This is a completely free and easy to use mobile application. By using this application farmer can add their product for selling and they can see market price of crops and become more beneficial. And also people can get pure farming product using our app.

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